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Gayrobics. Short shorts. Bangin' tunes.

'No. 1 Online Lockdown Workout'

The Independent

CAMP FIT! is a 45-minute online fitness class of gayrobics, dance, core and stretching to a playlist of motivational workout songs of a yesteryear disco you can't quite remember but will never forget.

CAMP FIT! is an inclusive, fun, sweaty, small space workout.

CAMP FIT! is equipment free, judgement free and actually a FREE online workout! If you feel like donating, that'd be fab and there is a PayPal link attached to the videos.


CAMP FIT! is designed to be fun, challenging yet inclusive. It uses the Jane Fonda method of aerobics repetition so that you can exercise at your own pace; jump out and in depending on how your energy and chakra khans are doing that day.

Hosted by Camp Carl; think Joe Wickes meets Jane MacDonald with less hair and more teeth! Carl is a professional dancer, yoga teacher and choreographer who put his lockdown love into bringing these dance fitness classes from his bedroom to yours.

'Carl Harrison, who leads these daily online exercise sessions, is a pure joy, like a young and much camper Mad Lizzie from the TV-AM days'

QX Magazine

'For a blast of retro aerobics joy, check in with Carl

and his pastel string vests and impossibly long legs.'

THE Guardian

CAMP FIT! can be found live on Facebook HERE or Instagram HERE.

Fancy CAMP FIT! for your event? We do weddings, bah mizvahs, hen dos, and sex parties. Simply DM Carl on Insta HERE.

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Camp Fit: Smiling online exercise instructor in string vest dancing. Colourful and camp.
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