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I’m Carl and you’re here. That’s nice. 

I’m an award winning artist and performer with an extension built into cabaret and drag.

I’m currently making a lot of work…

Creating a new show with Soho Theatre called Apocalypse Wow! - a game show about time with LGBT elders.

Exploding punk drag alien Niche Lorraine into late night cabarets.

Directing a Valentino fashion show in Shanghai.

Running a queer t-shirt business.

In short, I’m a very busy mum.

Dance has been my mainstay, performing all over the world for the likes of Punchdrunk Theatre, Aletta Collins, Protein, Thick & Tight Dance.


I love to make and as a choreographer, I've had the joy of creating ‘Insane Animals’ with cult cabaret duo Bourgeois & Maurice and was the associate for RSC’s 'Boy in the Dress' and Punchdrunk’s ‘The Burnt City’ as well as many other productions.


During lockdown, I birthed CAMP FIT! which is a body positive 'gayrobics' fitness class that was voted No.1 lockdown workout by The Independent. Loved by gays and mum in equal measure.

I’m currently working across dance, performance and cabaret. Northern, working class and queer which shapes my world - I like to lift up the social rug to see what’s underneath it.. Often funny, always absurd, occasionally harrowing, I’m looking to bring people together by tearing life apart and smearing it with gay. 


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