Private  Yoga Classes in London

Hello, I am a private yoga instructor based in South London working with small groups and on a one-to-one basis creating tailored classes to suit your needs.


I've practising yoga for over 10 years now. Having been drawn towards it through my professional dance career, I fell in love with the positive relationship can bridge between your mind and body.


I have completed a 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Hatha Yoga Course in Mysore, India through Samyak Yoga in 2017.


Since then, I have been leading private yoga classes in London; one-to-one sessions, for Battersea Yoga and for theatre and dance companies.


I lead yoga classes that are safe, welcoming and friendly. Before we begin I would get to know what it is you are hoping to take away from our time together so I can create a class to suit your specific needs.

The price of these one-to-one classes is a dialogue between you and me. We can agree on something that feels fair for both parties.

During COVID-19, I am offering yoga classes online via Zoom for small groups and for one-to-one.

If you'd like to organise a class together get in touch:

Yoga Instructor standing against a wall. He is wearing teal trousers and a white vest and has a friendly smile